Hi! I'm Colby (second from right), owner and tour guide at Ballpark Road Trips. That's Craig, Alana and Joel (l to r.) It appears this could be a reunion with friends or former neighbors. Craig, Alana and Joel are siblings who grew up in Kansas City, then moved away. We met an hour and a half before this photo. An event out of their control caused them to be late for a stadium tour (I work at Kauffman Stadium part-time.) Alana thought they had missed their tour. The 10:00 a.m. tour had started. However, they were right on time for their personal 10:17 Colby tour! I took photos in the dugout and we talked about their childhood memories of Municipal Stadium. Afterwards, they asked to take a photo with me! Two days later, I received this photo from Joel, who said, "Thanks for the fun tour Saturday at The K. Glad we arrived late! And now we know the identity of fountain man! Have a good rest of the summer!" - Joel, Alana and Craig.

You can expect that same personalized service leading up to and during your Ballpark Road Trip. A tour guide being asked to take a photo with guests is a great honor - and I hope to earn that opportunity with you.

In addition to tours, my baseball experience includes marketing, media relations (working on game programs, media guides and yearbooks) and scoreboard operations.


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