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I'm Colby, tour leader for Ballpark Road Trips. I've been a baseball fanatic since first grade, when the school's speech therapist held a contest to pick the winning World Series team. I didn't win (this was in the era of four playoff teams and only two of about 40 picked the winner.) However, it led to a longtime love of statistics and a stint in a big league front office. Plus, I eventually improved my 's' pronunciations.

Geography and travel also rank among my top interests. When planning the 2020 trips, I focused on a theme - you'll notice our trips feature multiple opportunities to see the big league team from the tour's starting point.

I also focused on manageable distances for travel. That gives us a chance to take in both Major League and minor league games. Two of our trips include minor league stops for teams that are affiliated with a big league team we'll see. You'll be seeing Chicago's future stars in Tennessee and KC's top prospects at Northwest Arkansas.

We're going to have a great time and I think our trips will lead to new friendships for all.

I hope you'll join us, and please leave a comment or send any questions to info@ballparkroadtrips.com.


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