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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

When Globe Life Park transitioned from baseball in September, the Rangers held a parade to move home plate to Globe Life Field. Home plates and pitching rubbers have made similar treks over the years (to Camden Yards and new Yankee Stadium, to name a few.) Here are a few other Major League ballpark items that found another stadium to call home. This list is not intended to be complete - there are many more examples. Feel free to add a comment or e-mail us ( with your favorite.

Kansas City's baseball stadium was over 30 years old when the Athletics moved to town. Newly renamed Municipal (the stadium's fourth name) underwent a major renovation, with an upper deck added prior to the 1955 season. The stadium needed an updated scoreboard, resulting in a 1400 mile move for the board from Boston's Braves Field.

That distance is shy of the trip for another piece of ballpark history. The San Francisco Giants were building a new spring training facility in the 1960s. Owner Horace Stoneham had light poles shipped from the Giants' former home, New York's Polo Grounds, to Arizona! The Polo's poles are still in use at Phoenix Municipal Stadium. The former Triple-A stadium and Spring Training site is now home to Arizona State's baseball program.

A second type of pole - foul poles. Baltimore's Camden Yards opened in 1992 with the right field foul pole from Memorial Stadium. Memorial's left field pole stayed in storage until 2001, when it too went into place at Oriole Park. Arlington Stadium's foul poles moved with the Rangers in 1994. The original poles were replaced in 2016.

One more pole - when the Twins and Vikings moved to the Metrodome, a flag pole wasn't needed. Metropolitan Stadium's giant flag pole became a fixture at Minneapolis/Richfield American Legion Post 435. The Twins moved back outdoors in 2010 and a deal was struck with the Legion. Old Glory now flies high in downtown Minneapolis.


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